Miscellaneous Everything
2019 - 2021
Literally just a bunch of stuff that I’ve made that is half finished, weird, or kind of ungroupable.

Hi! Since I was on the road for a while this weekend, and I was pretty excited/anxious/thrilled/nervous about finding out about this job opening so last minute, I screwed around with a little prompt. Do you remember Ham Ham Heartbreak? I thought it’d be fun to remake Funland in 2D/2.5D. 

I obviously didn’t get too far, but I wanted to share the roughs with y’all anyway. It’s ugly (I think I went waaay too warm with the color palette), but the ugly stage can be fun.

I drew funny hamsters for scale, but with a slightly different design in each setting. Please lmk which manner of hamster is your favorite! I kind of like the super rough ones in that last sketch.